Schoen‘s compositions combine the melodic determination of pop, the structural precision of classical music, and the minimalism of a soundtrack — true to motif and rich in variation — with the spontaneity and originality of jazz. (Bremer Nachrichten / Weser Kurier)

Agnostic Chant Book is a beautifully evocative recording.  I love the structure of it, the way things come around again, the way the mood deepens as it unfolds. Chasing The Demo is still echoing in my head (Steve Swallow)

best dad forever! (his daughter)

Jonas Schoen has long counted as one of the best and most probing instrumentalist of the young German jazz scene. (Jazzthing)

Jonas Schoen confirms once again his reputation as one of the most talented and expressive saxophonists of his generation. It‘s worth buying this fine CD just to hear the spiritual quality of his tone. (Stereo)

Jonas Schoen turns improvisation into great story telling… to hear the band is to hear far more than the usual ensemble playing. Schoen thinks outside the box. He plays with varied tonal color, flirts with suite- form, or engages in constructive duelling with his drummer . . . Jonas Schoen isn‘t a braggart: he just has something to say. (Die Welt)

Jonas Schoen is one of the best jazz saxophonists in Germany (Tagesspiegel)

. . . possibly the most intimate melodist to be found among German saxophonists. (Tom R. Schulz, North German Radio)

hot! (his wife)

An exciting, collective sound portrait. First-rate. (Bremer Nachrichten/Weser Kurier)

This music is exciting, fresh, and modern. (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

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